Q: What is happening to parks in Knowsley?
Q: Why is the Council looking at changing the way parks are funded and managed?
Q: Why can’t things stay as they are?
Q: Why can’t the Council just increase council tax to raise the money to pay for the parks?
Q: The Council can afford to pay for other things, so why not parks?
Q: Who will decide on the alternative way of running parks?
Q: Why do we need a Review Board to tell us this information?
Q: Have residents had a say in coming up with solutions?
Q: What were the options the Board consulted on?
Q: What is the Review Board’s recommendation for the future management and funding of Knowsley’s parks and green spaces?
Q: Does this recommendation reflect the outcome of the public consultation?
Q: What has the Board done to promote the consultation?
Q: What other options have the Board explored and why were they discounted?
Q: How has the Review Board presented its findings?
Q: Is the Board’s preferred option deliverable?
Q: What is an endowment?
Q: Will £40m be enough to secure a return of £1.3m per annum?
Q: How will the Council ensure the Knowsley Parks Trust operates to benefit local communities and their environment?
Q: Will Knowsley’s parks and green spaces be well managed in The Knowsley Parks Trust?
Q: Instead of creating an endowment, could the council raise money for the parks in other ways, e.g. charging for car parking, raising income from events, etc?
Q: Will the Council expect public donations into The Knowsley Parks Trust?
Q: Will this result in the privatisation of parks?
Q: Would this sale result in the loss of Green Belt land?
Q: Which parks and green spaces will be sold to raise the money?
Q: Will the parks be sold for development?
Q: Where is the map showing the 10% of park land that Knowsley Council is proposing to sell?
Q: What happens to the 10% of sites that are identified for sale during the 15 year period over which they are developed for new uses?
Q: Knowsley Council is already selling land for housing development, why does it need to sell park land too?
Q: How will the sale of sites be managed?
Q: If after the sale of 5% of parks / green spaces sufficient funds were raised to establish the endowment would Knowsley Council stop selling park land?
Q: Can the Review Board recommend that a proportion of the 10% to be sold is developed for affordable housing?
Q: Why can’t volunteer groups take over the running of parks?
Q: What will the relationship be between the proposed Trust and the Friends of Parks Groups e.g. will they be competing for grants?
Q: What commercial work could the Trust undertake?
Q: Who is making the final decision on the Board’s recommendations?
Q: If it’s agreed to set up a trust, when will this take over the running of Knowsley’s parks?
Q: While the work of the Review Board is ongoing, will the activities and facilities in our parks and green spaces be affected?